Rules & Info

Dakillzor vs SirFoch

16.6. 2019  18:00 (17:30 picks) CEST

Observer stream -

  • 15v15 on tier X , attack/defense CW style

  • Best of 9 - (from 5 to 9 battles)

  • There will be NO arty, NO reward tanks and a maximum of 3x TD’s per team.

  • Entry via random raffle from subscribers on twitch -  14 players + 2 backup*

    • *Entry criteria via one of two routes:

      • Non-Meta route: Minimum of two tier 10 tanks (Medium or Heavy)

      • Minimum of one tier 10 tank from the following list:

        Obj. 140,  Obj. 430U, Obj. 277,WZ-111 5A, 113,  S.Conqueror

  • If the score ends up 4:4 , a strawpoll will be carried out which will be linked in both streamer’s chats. This poll will decide the map pick, the team with the fastest defense in the preceding battles will choose whether they will defend or attack on the decider map.

  • Prize pool is in the region of 50 000 gold, you learn more about the prizes and how you can have a chance of winning them by visiting the rewards page.


  • How can i join?

    • You need to be subscribed on the Twitch channel and then if you have tanks you can enter random raffle(s) to be selected, it starts 17:30 CEST, just before the matches.

  • Can i enter on both streams?

    • Yes, but if you get selected on both, you need to drop out from one.

  • Is there some price for participating

    • There is 42000 gold + (based on number of rounds) 5000 to 9000 gold.

    • WG said there might be something, but there is no guarantee.

  • Are there any prizes for the streamers involved?

    • No but there might be a forfeit/punishment of some kind!

  • What about the decider map pick if/when it happens?

    • The decider map pick will be chosen via strawpoll linked in both streamer’s chat. The poll will contain +/- 5 options. Streamer’s infuence encouraged!

  • Is there going to be casted or observer stream?

    • Yes, an observer stream, as someone who enjoys spectator viewing you can watch the action at (CZ/ENG stream)