All the rewards are going to be sent as a gifts, so filling in your Twitch and WoT username is imporant.

These rules are simplified, a more detailed version can be enquired upon via a link in the contact section which will take you to the Subwars Discord.

All chat games are going through Google Forms, and will be posted in chat prior to the games, the cutoff will be as the map is loading.

If you win multiple prizes which total 6000 gold or more, you can exchange 6000 gold for any premium shop tank (standard package only).

Participants in all events resulting in rewards should be aware that all prizes are subject to availability. Whilst Subwars will strive to fulfill all listed prizes those partaking hereby agree that no prize(s) nor benefits from this event is guaranteed.
— Svitman

Wargaming also added a few prizes, those are added at the bottom of the page

Rewards for Chat

česká verze : ZDE

Guesserman - 5000 gold*

  • guess the correct score + closest time to fastest battle

  • *awarded top 3 times 2500, 1500, 1000 gold

Deathmaster - 500 gold per game

  • amount of tanks alive at the end of the game*

  • *if more people guess correctly, awarded to the person who guesses the correct max dmg in game

Legend Deathmaster - 2000 gold

  • total amount tanks alive at the end of battle in all games combined*

  • *if more people guess correctly, the best avg. dmg of best player decides (Mayhem award number)

I told you so - 500 gold per game

  • Guess the killer of the streamer + closest to DMG done by said player in that game*

  • *the poll is posted in chat before each round

  • *if more people guess correctly, awarded to the person who posted their answer first

Rewards for players

Beer destroyer - 1000 gold

  • best damage from all games (single game) (Mailand team)

Burger damager - 1000 gold

  • best damage from all games (single game) (marty_vole team)

YOLO masters - 500 gold each

  • winner in the fastest game

Killerman - 5000 gold

  • most avg. kills over all battles

Mayhem - 6000 gold

  • best avg. damage over all battles

Sauron - 4000 gold

  • best avg. spotting/track damage over all games

Clutcher - 5000 gold

  • win at least 1v3

Goomba - 1000 gold

  • kill somebody by jumping on him

Executioner - 1000 gold

  • kill mailand/marty 3+ times, you have to be their enemy, no Team Kills

Asshole - 1000 gold

  • best team dmg* (single game)

  • *you can be kicked for that, keep that in mind

For both teams separate (each is awarded 2x)

Spotterman - 750 gold

  • best spotting damage (single game)

Killstealer - 500 gold

  • have lowest dmg per kill with over 5 kills (single game)

Camperman - 500 gold

  • highest dmg over 300m (single game)

Slapping maniac - 500 gold

  • most damaged tanks (single game)

Total : 49k to 53k gold (some are awarded for each game)

*(single game) - means only the best out of all (5-9) games is counted

Rewards by Wargaming

For the glory - camo style

  • given to all players who’ll fight for your entertaiment

  • there are 5 styles to pick from, list here

More reward are being discussed